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The term (“User” or “Users” or “you” or “ your”) denotes any individual utilizing, accessing, or browsing the Website and/or purchasing the Products.
1.1. Before we dive into the details, please familiarize yourself with the ‘Terms and Conditions’ available on Discount Store, as they form an integral part of the understanding between you and Discount Store. This ‘Shipping and Delivery Policy’ (“Policy”), along with the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and other policies on the Website, outlines our approach and procedures concerning the delivery and shipping of Products purchased via Discount Store.
1.2. At Discount Store, we extend our shipping and delivery services across India. Our goal is to provide the best customer experience by collaborating with leading logistics service providers. Through this collaboration, we aim to handle your orders with utmost care, ensuring a hassle-free experience when you receive the Products you've ordered from Discount Store. We commit to making all commercially reasonable efforts to guarantee the timely delivery of the Products to your doorstep.


2.1. By choosing to use Discount Store and/or initiating a request for the purchase of Products on the Website, you agree to be bound by the terms outlined in this Policy. In the event that you do not agree with the terms contained in this Policy, we advise you not to transact on Discount Store. It's important to note that we reserve the right to modify the terms of this Policy periodically. Therefore, every time you plan to use Discount Store, we recommend checking the Policy to ensure a clear understanding of the terms and conditions applicable at that specific time.


3.1. Our approach to Product shipping and delivery involves collaboration with third-party logistics service providers, referred to as “Logistics Partners.” The specific Logistics Partner responsible for processing the shipping and delivery of any purchased Product(s) will be communicated to you at the time the Product is successfully handed over to the Logistics Partner by us. Generally, Products are dispatched within 2 to 4 days of receiving the order on Discount Store. However, we also provide you with an estimated timeline for the delivery of the purchased Product, which is displayed on the order confirmation page when your order is confirmed by us.
3.1.1. It's essential to understand that while we strive to deliver Products all across India, there may be instances where certain areas are deemed unserviceable. In our sole discretion, we may determine a select list of areas that are unserviceable for the delivery of Products. In such cases, neither we nor our Logistics Partners will be able to provide shipping and delivery services to those unserviceable areas, and orders may not be processed. If an area has been deemed unserviceable, we will notify you at the time of placing an order for the purchase of Products on the Website. You can also verify the serviceability of an area by entering the relevant area pin-code on Discount Store.
3.2. To ensure the timely delivery of purchased Products, we may inquire or collect specific information from you, such as your name, shipping address, billing address, landmarks, contact details, etc. It is your responsibility to ensure that all information submitted to us on the Website is true, complete, accurate, and sufficient to identify the actual place of delivery. In case of any failure to deliver the purchased Products due to inaccurate information provided by you, you bear absolute liability. We shall not be liable for any consequences arising from your failure to provide correct and complete information at the time of placing the order.
3.3. Our aim is to deliver the purchased Product to your designated address within the estimated delivery timeline notified to you. In the event that you are not available to accept the delivery, our Logistics Partners will make a maximum of three (3) attempts to deliver the Product(s) to you. If the third delivery attempt is unsuccessful and you continue to remain unavailable, we reserve the right to cancel the order of the purchased Products at our sole discretion. The Product will then be sent back to its original source, and we further reserve the right to deduct the shipping and delivery charges borne by us while processing any refunds subsequent to such cancellation.
3.4. While we make reasonable endeavors to ensure timely delivery, it's important to acknowledge that certain events may cause delays. These include logistics issues beyond our control, unsuitable weather conditions, political disruptions, strikes, acts of God (such as floods, earthquakes, etc.), and other unforeseeable circumstances. In the event of such delays, we will make reasonable attempts to inform you through your email ID and/or mobile number registered with us. It's crucial to note that we disclaim all liabilities that may arise due to our failure to inform or notify you of delays in the delivery of purchased Products. Furthermore, we are under no obligation to compensate you for any claims that may arise due to delays in shipment, delivery, or use of the purchased Products.
3.5. The individuals involved in the delivery process, including our delivery agents, employees, and personnel of Logistics Partners, operate independently. While we strive to engage individuals with the highest regard for ethics and integrity, their actions are not entirely within our control. It is not possible for us to monitor and observe each delivery executive. As facilitators of Product delivery, we shall not be liable for any acts or omissions on the part of our delivery agents, employees, or personnel, or the Logistics Partners or their employees, agents, or personnel. This includes but is not limited to deficiency in service, wrong delivery of Product, time taken to deliver the Product, Product package tampering, misconduct, etc.
3.6. Once you place an order on Discount Store, we process the order and hand over the purchased Product to our Logistics Partner. You will receive a unique tracking identity number once the purchased Product is handed over to the Logistics Partner. This tracking number enables you to check the status and location of the purchased Product and its estimated time of delivery. Our operations and service teams coordinate with the Logistics Partners to ensure that the Products are delivered to you at the earliest. We make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the Logistics Partners update the tracking status of the purchased Products on a real-time basis. However, it's important to note that we engage third-party service providers to effectuate deliveries of the Products. Consequently, we do not guarantee the accuracy or correctness of the tracking status, and the status may be subject to inconsistencies arising from time lags in updating the information and/or other technical difficulties that are beyond our control.
3.7. We reserve the right to charge or collect shipping fees on Products from time to time. The shipping charges may vary based on the value of the Product, type of Product, area of delivery, payment mechanism, etc. In the event we charge shipping fees for the delivery of a purchased Product, such shipping fees will not be refunded by us pursuant to any return request raised by you. However, we may make exceptions and refund the shipping fees in the event a defective, damaged, deficient, or incorrect Product (for reasons attributable to, and accepted by us after due verification in our sole discretion) has been delivered. You acknowledge and accept that the title and risk of all Products ordered by you shall pass on to you upon the delivery of the purchased Products to you. You agree that the Logistics Partners are authorized to collect cash on our behalf for ‘cash on delivery’ orders, and this shall be governed by the Fees and Payment Policy.


Any queries or concerns relating to the shipping and delivery of Products as per this Policy may be directed by you to our customer support team, reachable through the following contact details-
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